Identify and explain an example of music, “Imagine” by Hohn Lennon

To continue our discussions about music and meaning from the final third of the semester, write a research paper in which you identify and explain an example of music that has carried at least two different meanings for different people, times, or places. To find an example that interests you (and that will interest your readers) is a necessary and often difficult first step in the assignment. Consider a song whose meaning has been the subject of public debate, or perhaps music that has faded in popularity before being rediscovered by a new generation of fans. There are many possibilities.
After introducing the origins of the music itself, present at least two carefully-researched perspectives to show the reader how different audiences have found different meanings in the music. Using the elements of music (SHMRG), be sure to address how the style of the music itself helps to shape the meanings that you describe. Here in the twenty-first century, the available primary source references are not limited to books and magazines but may also include web articles, tweets, YouTube comments, blog posts, etc.
At the end of your paper, include a list of these references. Like your in-text citations, the list of references must be formatted according to one of the standard citation guides such as MLA Style. If you have questions about how to choose a citation style, be sure to ask in advance. Required paper length is 1200–1500 words, excluding the list of references.

Music : “Imagine” by Hohn Lennon