Immigrant Interview

Immigrant Interview
This is the eleventh year since John crossed the borders and entered United State, now 19 years; life is full of struggles and lack in value. He has tried to get legal documents to become one of the citizens of US but in vain. John speaks fluent English despite the fact that he did not even know a single word when he first arrived in US.
“By the fact that I have reached this far, I give glory to God”, John stated as the interview progressed and after asking him about the experiences that contributed to his coming in US. It was a very awful experience as he was lucky to escape the political turmoil that saw his entire family massacred. He was lucky and he together with other colleagues resolved to seek asylum in US to escape from the war.
Their trip to US took them 30 days. In these days, they escaped death narrowly after the truck they board got involved in an accident. It was at the night and no person was around to help those that were critically injured. Surviving this accident was like a miracle as the truck was destroyed beyond repair. Four people succumbed to their injuries and were left behind as the location where the accident occurred was interior of a forest. They resolved to trek heading to the direction they did not know.
One month after their arrival in US, the authority was notified about their presence. The group of four, john involved were screened and interrogated on various issues pertaining to their country of origin and what they were doing in a foreign land. The story was very long and because I was a minor, I was taken to a refugee camp to join other immigrants. Life at the camp was not that good as people were many and therefore, they compete for resources. John began to learn English as most of the people had already learned to speak English. It did not take him long before he eventually came to understand to speak and as well to right fluent English.
He went to school and this opportunity allowed him to meet with other students that were not immigrants. Developed friendship with them and did many things together. They played together and went to class and to library together. This opportunity made John to learn their way of life and indeed, he was part and one of them as he had already embraced their culture.
John had become acquainted and socialized into American culture/life and at 18 years, he was now an adult and wanted to be registered as a US national. This has been one of the biggest problems that John agree to have faced, something he thought could be easy.. Immigration department has held many meetings with John aimed at interrogative him. It is now close to second year and John has no clues as to whether indeed, the government will listen to him and given him citizenship. He believed that America is his home and he has no plans of going back to his home country. He has no trace of his home and no one knows his whereabouts in his home country. John still has hopes that indeed, he will be considered and given the citizenship.
Regardless of these changes, John is still resilient and optimistic. He knows that through his perseverance and determination and his trust in God, his request will go through. He concludes, ‘It is not over until it is over”.