In less than 1,000 words (including tables and figures) provide an analysis of the current segmentation, targeting and positi oning (STP) strategy of a product or service of your choice (other than the example of Toyota) .

You should support your points with appropriate evidence and relevant academic literature. (eg. Journals, Brochure, websites, image of packaging, product images etc.)
Please structure your assignment with the following headings:
1. Product/service positioning statement
Write a one to two-sentence description of the attributes and benefits that are attractive to target consumers for an offering you are particularly familiar with (eg. Swatch watch or a Samsung Galaxy) Explain how these attributes and benefits and different from competitors.
For example: [Product A] provides [target consumers] with [one of two attributes] that distinguishes it from [competitor’s] that offer [attributes/benefits of the competing products services].
2. Target market segment description
Describe the target market segment summarising the defining characteristics of the segment (for example demographic, psychographic, geographic, behavioural or other). Support points with evidence.
3. Product/service Positioning Map
Draw a product positioning map. Explain your reasons why the attributes/benefits included in your opening positioning stateme nt are important for the target segment and reflected on your positioning map. Describe how the company providing/selling the product/ using its marketing mix (MM) to influence consumers’ perceptions of a product/services position relevant to competition. Use references and other sources of information (e.g. product review websites, newspaper articles or blogs) to support your claims.
Title Page is needed.