Individual report (please read the assessment guide and the pdf : SG Individual report brief and criteria 2018)

Summative ( final 3000 words report):
 Table of content
 25% (waiting for the grades) industry analysis, 25% (waiting for the grades) strategy analysis
 Review culture, structure, systems & HR (20%) (waiting for the grades)
 Critical appraisal: fit/ internal consistency/ sustainability (20%) (waiting for the grades)
 Presentation (10%) (waiting for the grades)
 30 references (in text and in list references)
Word count: 3000 words max

Scenario :
You have graduated from the University of East London and have gained a job as a Strategy Analyst for a global business consultancy.
As part of the graduate scheme your first rotation is in the industry research department. You have been given the task of preparing a business report on the Health & Wellness industry and on the strategy and culture/ systems/ HR of the company Arla Foods UK plc.
Both your line manager and mentor are interested in how strategy can be understood in the current context. They would like you:
 To apply academic concepts, reference academic work, use statistics and industry report etc.
 To define strategy.
 To analyse:
1. The industry sector & the survival/ success factors (formative and summative)
2. The strategy of Arla Foods UK plc (formative and summative)
3. The culture, systems, structure and HR of Arla Foods UK plc (summative)
 To explain how internal and external environments contribute to or hinder the potential success of Arla Foods UK plc’s strategy (summative)
 To include limitations of your analysis.
 To use a professional business report format.
The aim of this report is for them to see your understanding of strategy theories and current practices to see how you can be involved in advising clients. They have noted that if it is good enough, you could be part of the team in the preparatory meeting with the next client.