Kinetic and Dynamic Description of a Xenobiotic and Review of a Draft

PTX 7003: Principles of Biokinetics/Biodynamics Assignment: Kinetic and Dynamic Description of a Xenobiotic and Review of a Draft Assignment: Generate a review paper describing the kinetics and dynamics of a xenobiotic of your own choosing. This paper is worth 15% of your overall course grade. As a related but separate effort, you will be reviewing a partial draft of a peer’s paper (assigned and distributed by me). Your review will be worth 4% of your overall course grade. Objective/Goal: To demonstrate your learned knowledge of biokinetic and biodynamic principles by comprehensively describing a xenobiotic’s pathway through and interaction with a biological system, as well as any relevant kinetic models found within the literature. Reviewing a peer’s draft will provide you with an opportunity to respectfully and critically critique someone else’s work, which will make you a better writer, editor and scientist in the long run. Bottom Line Up Front: Claim your Xenobiotic: Send me an email to claim your xenobiotic no later than Monday, 23 October 11:59 PM (see below for details, be sure to pick wisely). No duplications will be permitted. Due Date of Partial Draft: You are asked to submit a partial draft of your research paper that includes at least the introduction/background, and a description of the absorption and distribution of your xenobiotic (see below for full details). This is a partial draft, it need not be perfect, but a peer will be reviewing your draft (anonymous on both sides). Provide a draft that is in a state that you are not wasting your or your peer’s time. Please submit your draft paper as a WORD DOCUMENT WITHOUT YOUR NAME via the DropBox folder named “Assignment: Kinetic and Dynamic Description of a Xenobiotic – Partial Draft” under the “Assessment” tab on Pilot. This draft must be submitted by Friday, 10 November 2017 11:59 PM. Again, do not include your name anywhere on the document or in the file name. Name your file by the xenobiotic. I will know the owner by the uploaded document in DropBox, and by the topic. Review a Peer’s Partial Draft: You will receive a peer’s draft via email from me no later than Monday, 13 November. You are to provide thoughtful, critical and respectful comments as track changes in the word document provided to you. The goal is to help improve your peer’s draft. Return your comments via DropBox folder named “Assignment: Kinetic and Dynamic Description of a Xenobiotic –Partial Draft Reviews” under the “Assessment” tab on Pilot Monday, 27 November 2017 11:59 PM. Your name/identity will be removed prior to the comments being returned the originator. The 4% of your grade for reviewing the draft is based on the comments/critique you provide (not on what others provide to you). Everyone will receive their peer’s comments via email no later than Friday, 1 December so that the comments/suggestions can be incorporated into their final draft. You should continue working on your paper while your draft is out for review. Due Date of Full Paper: The completed final draft of your research paper is due no later than Sunday, 10 December 2017 11:59 PM. Please submit your paper as a word or pdf document via the DropBox folder named “Assignment: Kinetic and Dynamic Description of a Xenobiotic – Final Draft” under the “Assessment” tab on Pilot. See below for details of the full paper. Description: 1. Choose a xenobiotic: For this assignment, each class member is asked to pick a xenobiotic of your own liking. This xenobiotic could be a chemical, drug, toxicant, environmental pollutant, or anything of the like, depending on your own personal interests. I would highly recommend you do a literature search prior to making your choice to ensure that you can find/access the relevant information to complete the assignment (more information provided below). Any xenobiotic may be chosen, as long as it has not already been claimed by one of your peers. First come, first serve. 2. Claim your xenobiotic: An individual xenobiotic can only be chosen by one student (i.e., no duplication of topics); therefore, I ask that you SEND ME AN EMAIL to claim your xenobiotic. I will keep a running list under the topic “Kinetic/Dynamic Assignment” under “Content” where everyone can see the already claimed xenobiotic topics. After receiving your email, I will add your xenobiotic to the list on Pilot so that others know that particular xenobiotic is taken. If someone else tries to claim the xenobiotic before I am able to get it posted, the first email claiming that xenobiotic “wins” and any others will be notified to choose another. Be sure to review the previous posts prior to adding your choice to avoid duplication, as duplication of xenobiotic topics will not be accepted. Again, first come, first serve. ***You must claim your xenobiotic no later than Monday, 23 October 11:59 PM*** 3. Describe, evaluate and interpret the kinetics and dynamics of your chosen xenobiotic: Search the literature for relevant information regarding the kinetics and dynamics of your xenobiotic. I would trust that you would have made sure that ample information was available to complete the assignment prior to making your choice. I kindly ask that you submit a thorough and well organized review on your xenobiotic to include the topics of this course. The items that I would expect to receive in your review include:  Introduction/background on your xenobiotic: What is it? What are its relevant physiochemical properties?  Route of exposure/administration (all possible)  How does it get absorbed into the body? Is it well absorbed? What contributes to absorption?  How is it distributed? Are there transporters that contribute to or prevent distribution? Is it able to cross anatomical barriers? Is it subject to storage depots?  How is it eliminated/excreted/cleared from the body?  How does it get metabolized or biotransformed? Provide information as to the relevant Phase I and/or Phase II enzymes that participate in these activities.  Provide information as to the kinetics of any relevant metabolites.  Describe half-life, elimination rate constants and other relevant values that contribute to the xenobiotic’s kinetics. Do the kinetics of this xenobiotic follow zero- or first-order processes? Provide details.  Provide descriptions of relevant mathematical modeling for your chosen xenobiotic, such as PBPK models.  Describe any pharmacogenetic implications with regard to the xenobiotic.  Provide a description of how the xenobiotic effects/alters/impacts the body (i.e., dynamics: binding, activity, etc.). What are the mechanisms for how the xenobiotic causes its effects?  Describe drug-drug interactions or adverse reactions.  Provide an abstract at the start and a summary/conclusions at the end, to include risk assessment, if appropriate. Expectations: I expect your review paper to have been developed based on no less than five (5) research articles (citations), I highly suspect you will likely need more. I ask that you format your review paper according to the “Instructions for the Preparation of Manuscripts” for the Annual Reviews of Pharmacology and Toxicology provided as a PDF under “Assignments” on Pilot. Figures and tables are encouraged (with proper citation/reference). I do not wish to set a “minimum” length of the review paper, as I am more interested in your coverage of the topics than I am of you reaching a specific number of pages. Given that I have to read/grade these reviews in a short period of time, I would kindly request that your review paper not exceed 10 pages, double-spaced of standard font size Arial 10 (not including references), unless you feel that you truly need additional pages/space. I trust you to make that decision. I do not grade on length, but on content and thoroughness of your review. In other words, if you leave glaring gaps in the details that you provide and I can easily go to PubMed and find this information, this will be reflected in your score. That said, I do have a hard time imagining you could provide the information in less than 5 pages. And again, if you do feel you need 10+ to communicate the information, then please do so.