Lab Report Form/Rough Draft please follow annotations for correcting and rewriting first then can add more information

Lab Report Draft Complete, need rewriting following the annotations put on the draft please, need all corrected and way better. My rough draft is in files. Instructions for writing a lab report is also in files with grading rubric and an example at the bottom. I need an A, preferably a 100.

These are annotations for Rough Draft Lab Report in order with orange circles on annotated document:

Shorten this title, and remember you should be focusing on only two main waves for the experiments

Your introduction needs at least one source for background information, and make sure you are focusing more on the EEG aspect of the experiments with the waves. You probably should shorten this a little bit, because you also need to include the hypothesis and predictions from both experiment 1 and 2. Make sure these are also in the correct format (“We believe that…, because…” and “If, then”)

Your methods section should omit any names of subjects, it should just be general. Your independent and dependent variables are also incorrect (independent is the different exercises that you must list out, dependent is the measurements of the resulting waves). You need a control as well (what you put as “dependent” variable), and you need to describe briefly the exercises and time durations conducted for both experiment 1 and experiment 2, as well as how the subject was set up with the electrodes. Make sure it is all in past tense and “we” first person

This section must include two tables, Table 1 and Table 3 from your lab report. Making a graph won’t make sense in representing your data! Create your own unique tables and give them short, descriptive titles. You need to cite these tables in the statements of your results above.

Your own lab report cannot be a source. Make sure you talk about both experiments and interpret the results correctly. You also need to include at least one source for another study/experiment that you can compare your results to. This will help supplement what your hypothesis should have proved.

You need at least three sources, and one can be the pre-lab. Check your email for how to cite in here and for the in-text citation. Don’t include your own lab report as a source.

Please change my cites to information from the lab 10 document instead of report form. That document is also on here under files
The report is on there for more information if needed.

Please Please if any questions feel free, do not hesitate to contact me