List the 5 stages of the family life cycle.

Family life cycle test

Name________________________ Date:____________________

Match the statement with the correct Stage (36 points)

Begins with the expectant parenthood.
People enter this stage when they retire.
Main part of this stage is being grandparents or enjoying retirement.
Stage length varies form one couple to another.
As the family has more children the family will experience new levels of growing and sharing.
Main goal is to adjusting to the married life.
Main goal is to reorganize the family to fit the growing world of school-age children.
This stage is when the children begin to leave the family home.
Major adjustments have to be done here just like when the family started and was growing.
Couple focuses on the coming birth.
Second Stage
As the children turn into adults the parents realize they have to let them go.
Parents need to realize each child has different needs.
This stage can bring a couple closer or increase conflict.
After the first child is born the couple must focus on the infant’s needs.
First stage begins with the couple getting married.
During this stage is also when the couple can start to refocus their marital relationship.
During the teen years the child becomes more independent.

a. Aging Stage
b. Expanding Stage
c. Beginning Stage
d. Developing Stage
e. Launching Stage

My professor and her husband are expecting their first child. What stage in the Family Life Cycle are they in? (2 points)

Beginning Stage
Developing Stage
Expanding Stage
3. Wanda and Bill still work as teachers at the local high school. During the summer they enjoy
visiting their children and grandchildren who live in various parts of the country.
4. Joan is a retired nurse. Her husband Ed recently passed away at the age of 89.

5. Derailment in stage three of the family life cycle occurs when the new couple is unable to
separate from their families of origin in a healthy way
a. True
b. False
6. The Family Life Cycle begins at ________________ and continues until _________________.
7. During what stage of the life cycle do parents begin to relinquish some responsibilities to
8. When defining family (according to the U.S. Census), what are the 3 ways people can be
related to one another?

9. What 3 factors affect roles within the family life cycle?

10. List the 5 stages of the family life cycle.