Machine Learning for Next Generation 5G Networks

Basically, this will be a research proposal for a PhD scholarship. It should be in the format of a research proposal, like where the research should be focused and what questions should be answered etc.

Below is the text of the PhD advertisement:
Successful PhD applicants are expected to work independently in a collaborative research environment and will focus on research of novel engineering solutions to address key challenges for the implementation of Machine Learning (ML) in next generation networks. Namely, 5G/6G networks, demand ultra-reliable, low-latency communication accompanied with the intelligent management of an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem with a massive number of devices and stringent quality-of service (QoS)crequirements which should be met in real time and within a highly dynamic environment. In this context, ML can be applied across both the edge and the core of the network to enable centralized and distributed optimization. ML tools must be tailored to the unique features of the wireless (potentially Optical and Satellite) environment and result in self-organizing and self-optimizing solutions.