Mechanical Pencil





Mechanical Pencil

A mechanical pencil is just another fancy name for a pencil with a detachable lead. The difference between this pencil and the traditional pencil is that the lead in a traditional pencil is attached to the casing while that of a mechanical pencil is not. This type of pencil is important to the life of a technical student or a creative arts and design student since it is perfect for drawing. This does not mean that a general student like me cannot use one. In fact, I own one of these small gadgets that make writing easier.

The pencil has a sleek design. The sleekness gives it a smooth feel making it appear fashionable. Although it is smooth, the pencil has well defined corners that blend into the casing of the pencil. The corners do not jut out like thorns in a sycamore tree. Rather, they are shaped in such a way that no one ever notices them. They sit quietly like a budding flower in the spring, never showing off always looking good. This helps complete the sleek finish of the pencil.

My mechanical pencil is about 0.5 millimeters thick. This makes it easy for me to hold it between my fingers when writing or even drawing. The pencil is made in such a way that one does not strain their fingers when holding it. Thus, the scenario where one ends up with dents on their forefinger and thumb does not happen when one is using a mechanical pencil. The thickness also comes in handy when storing or carrying it around. It does not show if I carry it in my pockets.

This sleek pencil is grey in color. Generally, mechanical pencils usually come in neutral blacks or grays. I am yet to see a colored one. All the same, I prefer grey because it is a neutral color, which does not draw attention to itself. One might think that grey is a dull color but the color of my pencil helps me concentrate on what I am writing. Whenever I come across a difficult question, I stare at my pencil for long as I try to work out the solution in my head. I think that a brightly colored pencil would only serve as a distraction.

The most impressive part of my mechanical pencil is the tip. It is made of smooth lead of a thickness of about one millimeter. The lead is black as ebony. More so, the lead is not attached to the casing so I can always press a button on top of my pencil and a new lead tip comes out.  This is makes writing fun since I do not have to keep sharpening my pencil every time it becomes blunt. In addition, this detachable tip helps me keep my desk clean from any pencil shavings.

Finally, all these features help contribute towards a perfect product. The effect of all these features is that the pencil makes definite and bold markings on a sheet of paper. This is contrary to the dull faint markings that other pencils make. The pencil does not make too bold or too faint a mark. Rather, it is precise in its markings. The pencil has a sleek corned body, a gentle tip, a bold and solid lead point, and a button at the top, all features that make my mechanical pencil fashionable and functional.