Movie research report movie “BIG DADDY”

You are required to identify at least 3 Developmental Psychology concepts that are related to your film. These concepts should be specific. i already have 3 concept i want to talk about with examples , please work on the concept by giving additional example in the movie that correlate with the concept given
first concept is :
“The choices of parenting style” are the major concept for this movie. The little boy introduces more and more hostile behavior which can eventually lead him to jail if he continues with that life pattern. Based on Braumrid theory, Sonny used permissive -indulgent parenting to raise Julian his adopted child, though he was openly affectionate and so loving, he was unable to set a limit for a child and there were no consequences for misbehavior at all.
the second concept :
The second concept I will be talking about is the centration concept in this stage of development it show how much kid grasp and don’t grasp when they are focused on one specific thing this can be seen when sonny was describing a certain chocolate drinks to a group of Julian classmate and goes on about ranting on drug use, and he kept asking if the kids understand what he was talking about, but the kid out of the group said he has a belly button , (man this yoohoo is good ,you know what else is good, smoking dope. I ain’t goona rant you out . you know puffing the cheeba,go by the sea saw smoke , you know what am talking about? The kid responded with “I have a belly button” he sat down and listened intently to sonny rant about drugs but responded with telling him he had a belly button).
the third concept which is the last concept is :
Romantic relationships in early adulthood are another concept of interest in the Movie Big daddy. According to Erickson theory which relates to sonny and Vanessa who was involved in an intimate relationship, which Sonny was trying to plead her , she feels on unhappy and not satisfied with the relationship which leads to isolation.
i also attached a word document that you can also use to put the work together.