An Opposing View on Expanding General Education





An Opposing View on Expanding General Education

Powell indicates in his article The Tyranny of the College Major that it is important for undergraduate students to immerse themselves in general education classes for at least two years. The main point of Powell is that general education equips students in taking part in urgent matters, which he thinks are not given due attention in most of the major classes. This can be agreeable, but it must also be noted that major classes have specific areas and degree of function. Therefore, it is usual that these major classes focus on their field of study rather than including certain aspects, which are unnecessary to the field. Also, Powell added that expanding the general education of the students within their field widens their breadth in learning and it makes them feel part of their learning circle. This can be true, but this suggested process in achieving breadth can exhaust the resources of both the students and the institution. Specifically, this boils down to the financial resources of the two parties. For the students, additional year dedicated for general education classes can also mean adding year to their educational expenses which could have been allotted to their major classes. Moreover, it can be argued that most of the general education courses are already studied during secondary education. Therefore, focusing two years of college in general education courses can be considered as repetitive study. Conclusively, general education course is an aid for major courses, but it does not necessarily mean that taking up few general education courses will deem detrimental to undergraduate studies. Also, before considering the points of the author, scientific observation in the learning process of students must be studied in order to deliver substantial and objective proposal in altering the current curriculum.



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