Plants, Trees, and Shrubs

Guideline from the instructor:

Throroughly research the subject you have chosen. Do an extensive analysis of the work in terms of subject matter and also point out significant stylistic features. Use quotes from any sources you have consulted and reference them in your text using whichever method you prefer. The 2 pages paper must be 500 words long. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE WORKS CITED PAGE.
Here is what I need you to do:
The topic is: Plants, Trees, and Shrubs. And it should be at least 500 words and that is not include the works cited page.

You will use one source to complete this paper. it must be 500 words at least where each page contains roughly 250 words. This paper must be written in a simple English, I am an international student so the English is my second language. Do it as simple as possible. Here is three sources that I need you to choose one of them and let me know which one you will use:


Botticelli, Minerva Tames the Centaur, 1482 ( olive garland on her body)

Filippion Lippi, Allegory, c. 1485-90 (tree to right)

Representations of North and Ark

Again choose one of these sources to write about and use it for quote or paraphrase then make works cited page for the source you will use and then let me know which source you picked.

Thank you.