Policy Analysis Paper: Drug Policy Analysis

This is an Policy Analysis – Not an Essay –
The writer needs to understand key concepts of Policy Analysis and Policy Writing and apply to my existing work (considering some small notations from professor)I have an existing analysis approximately 10 pages long. This is a technical analysis that covers specific ways analysis should be written. The paper is trying to “sell” a decriminalization policy of all illegal drugs in the state of NJ, USA and promote legalization and HARM REDUCTION approaches. My current paper needs some in-depth additions which were omitted. This would include some or all of the following(not limited to)
1. Possible market failures to consider
-government failures
-utilitarian issues
– positiv and negative externalities
-political landscape
-arrows paradox
These additions can be added to the main body of the analysis.
We would need to consider a GOALS and ALTERNATIVE matrix added to the main body more in depth. ( how do we meet goal that has been established) and we need to clean up “goal.” The professor has added some suggestions to the sidelines of my paper.
The paper also needs SPECIFIC scholarly citations and sources.
We would need to add –
*On separate paper –
1. Scholarly Review
2. Literature Review
3. Data sources – Raw data (bullet listed)
These sources are derived from different media – including but not limited to-
jstor.org – advanced searches available
jel(journal of economic literature)
jep(journal of economic perspective)
journal of health and politics
drug policy alliance – have a drug legalization slant with many documents and research available on website-
This is an in depth, graduate level analyses that needs to adhere to Policy Analysis writing,
I have enclosed my paper. Please let me know ASAP if you can complete this work.
This is EXTREMELY important in my career. If you are unable to adhere to POLICY ANALYSIS writing, please do NOT take this assignment.

*example of a good scholarly source –