Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Select a psychiatric disorder and review the relevant descriptive material such as associated features, age of onset, course of illness, level of impairment, complications, predisposing factors, prevalence, familial patterns, sex ratio, differential diagnosis, etc. as indicated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: (DSM-V). Consult various sources to determine recommended treatment options.

You must use at least 7 sources for your paper.
1. You must get notes from your textbook and submit them to the instructor according to the due dates at the bottom of the syllabus under Important Dates.
2. You must use The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual –V (DSM-V, 2013) of the American Psychiatric Association. This source is available on our library website. Go to the library site, select databases by subject, select Psychology and then click on Psychiatry online. The DSM-V is located at the top of this page. Take notes and submit these to the instructor according to the due date at the bottom of the syllabus.
3. You must use The American Psychiatric Association Textbookof Psychiatry edited by Yudofsky and others. It is located on the Psychiatry online link as well. Submit these notes to the instructor by the due date.
4. You must submit notes from Kaplan & Sadock’s Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry. Go to the library site, click on databases, then find Kaplan & Sadock and select this to go to the work.
5&6. You should use at least two journal articles. You do not have to submit these to the instructor. Professional journals are the norm. If you need help to identify peer reviewed journals, talk to the instructor. You can go to the databases on our library site, then slide down to Psych Articles. You may also go to Google Scholar to find some articles. Professional journal articles are used later in your research for finding information about specific topics that you want to explore as a result of finding the basic information for your paper.
7. Select a seventh reference of your choice making sure it is a professional source not a news article.
Ignore the parts where the references have to be turned in.
I HAVE ADDED ALL REFERENCES THAT INCLUDE A TEXTBOOK FOR YOU. If you need more references I can provide more for you. Need a reference page at the end.

I will submit my final paper to SafeAssign as well. The instructor will use this submission to assure that no plagiarism has occurred. My plagiarism rate should be no more than 25% for the final draft. Also, please cite every paragraph properly to avoid plagiarism.