Prepare a review of the event (portfolio) strategy for an organisation, providing recommendations for development.

Event Strategy Module
The review must be structured as a practical resource addressed to the relevant decision makers (planning department, marketing department, board of directors, the main funding body etc.) and allow them to make specific decisions on the events to support/sponsor/fund/ develop next year.
Particular instructions to students
The event (portfolio) strategy you suggest will be specific to the organisation, however, whichever client you select, you should discuss their likely business objectives and the environment in which they operate in order to develop a clear strategic context. This will help to demonstrate that you fully understand the organisation’s needs and current activities. You should also provide an analysis of wider stakeholders’ characteristics and objectives and discuss how your recommendations for the event portfolio provide value for the main stakeholders.
Submission instructions – See task 1 Assessment Criteria
The assessment criteria evaluate the extent to which the student demonstrates:
1. Research and Knowledge: Sound knowledge of the topic and understanding of strategic thinking derived from comprehensive and appropriate research
2. Understanding and Analysis: The strategic event context is analysed thoroughly to derive relevant solutions for the event strategy
3. Relevance: A strong argument is provided to demonstrate that the event generates value for stakeholders.
4. Structure and Organisation: Information and arguments presented in a clear, accurate and reasoned manner