“Pretend Play: Antecedent of Adult Creativity”

Final essay rubrics

The final essay will be about a key topic in creativity referred to in the encyclopedia of creativity and/or is relevant to the course.
: The reading is in the attached file called “Pretend Play: Antecedent of Adult Creativity”

Also, there are my Final essay Proposal and the Reading files are uploaded

The essay should be 7-8 pages double-spaced with
1 inch margins in Times 12 point font. The essay should be in the modified APA format.

Specific components of the essay:

1. Cover page
2. Introduction
3. Literature Review
4. Conclusions
5. References

1.Cover Page & Reference
There should be a cover page (with your name, email address, on it as well as the title of your essay), and a reference page with 7 or 8
references at the end of the essay. The file name should be your last name Fall
2018-EDHD231Essay so if I were submitting, the file name would be be

The title of the essay is centered at the top of the first page of the introduction. A good introduction addresses three questions: What is the General topic you are
addressing? Why is this relevant or important to know about this topic? Gives an
overview of the general issues that the research you will discuss.

3.Literature Review
Review the research literature. Here you talk about more specific issues that the
studies you review address. Explain how researchers have addressed the issue.
State their overall hypotheses, and methods used. Cover the types of studies that were conducted, methods used (e.g., historical, experimental, observational, survey). If they used statistics just say that they statistically analyzed their data.
Don’t dwell on the statistics, but if you have to, keep it short and general.
State their conclusions based on the analyses. In general, this section allows
you relatively free rein to examine the issues, methods, and results of the research
or writings on the topic.

4. General Discussion
Here you put their research in context. What are the good points or bad points of the research? How does the research get at the underlying issues that they claim to be investigating (e.g., does the uses of objects task really tell us who is creative or not creative). You can disagree with findings, but you must clearly state why in a
theoretical sense. You can propose other ways of conducting the research that might extend the research, or propose better ways of doing the research.

5. References:
Should be in a simplified APA format, outlined in the lecture slides (uploaded File)
Please carefully look at the uploaded files.