Procurement and Contract-Describe the types of contracts used in the Residential sector

The attached paper entitled ““Procurement selection in the public sector: a tale of two states”” discusses a range of factors and attributes as criteria for the selection of procurement methods used in public sector agencies.
• Please search and identify further papers in peer reviewed journals on the subject of selection of contract and procurement methods in Construction industry;
• In Construction Industry Residential Sector
• Use the concepts from the identified papers and discuss about different procurement methods ( Traditional, Design and Build, and Management) to develop 2700 words report in which you:
1. Describe the types of contracts used in the Residential sector (please describe only 2 contracts) (400 words);
2. Discuss the assessment criteria that influence the selection of the types of contracts (800 words), and
3. Critically discuss the pros and cons of the selected type of contracts (800 words).