Report about developing a project using SCRUM(agile) report “WikiStyle”

Hi everyone,
– Please write a report by following the attached marking criteria. (“WikiStyle”)
– Use the attached evidence log folder to find all the evidence you need to complete this report.
– The folder is separated based on the project plan which was done in 6 weeks
– The project built using SCRUM (Agile) development methodology
– It is divided into 3 sprints each sprint consists of 2 weeks.
– The folders are named using shortcuts such as sprint 1, W1 means week 1 in sprint 1
– Check product requirement file
– Many important pieces of evidence are in the “Other evidence” folder
– Only write about the highlighted points in orange color sections under Team Assesment Report in assignment 2 file, page 3&4 (attached).
– Follow the sequence of the assignment instruction
– This report should reflect real situations as much as possible.
– It is highly recommended to mention any challenges and issues that face the team so it should reflect real work problems.
– the main thing here is to learn how to use Agile (SCRUM) method in development.
– references are NOT required but make sure no plagiarism.
– font: Arial, size:12, Line spacing:1.5
– Any question please ask

The LINK to the evidence log folder:
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Building a project using SCRUM(agile) report “WikiStyle”