Research paper presentation- road to recognition

After conducting scientific research or any other investigation, the most crucial parts is how the results are presented. The research paper presentation earns one the admiration and recognition of peers because research not only depends on how it’s done, but on how it is presented.

As opposed to the lengthy written presentations, the most common type of research paper presentation is the oral type. It is more effective and preparing for the research paper presentation is not the hardest of tasks. To be able to fluently present the research paper, confidence is crucial. To master the art of research paper presentation, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights which will only leave you in terrible shape. If you have prepared your research well, then you will be oozing with confidence during your research paper presentation.

With your research paper complete, the second phase of your preparation for your research paper presentation should be the preparation for the outline to be used. The first step in doing this is to prepare the introduction. The perfect introduction leaves the perfect impression on the minds of the committee members.

The third phase of the research paper presentation is the problem statement presentation. This should be concise and straight to the point. Do not vivid or vague but be very clear.

Now comes the actual research paper presentation. This is where the researcher takes the audience through a thorough analysis of the research which is the most important part. The focal point of this event is to explain to the audience the contribution made by your research to the development of the problem study and clearly detailing to them the benefits guaranteed by the results. Then one can speak to the audience about the newly emerging problems and queries as a result of the research and their benefits.

There are three main points that should be taken into consideration when preparing a research paper presentation. These include:

  • Time. The research paper presentation should not exceed twelve minutes. This means that your research paper presentation should be precise since lengthy presentations tend to be monotonous and this could be detrimental to your research paper presentation.
  • Make your presentation interesting. A bored audience does not bolster the chances of the recognition of your work. Try to captivate the audience during your research paper presentation with the use of slides, graphs, overheads etc as this will convince them more about the findings of your research.
  • Have copies of your work form. One must have hard copies, preferably typed and printed, of the research paper presentation and any other relevant material that should be distributed to the audience.

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Research paper presentation- making a tricky task simple



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