Resume Writing

A resume is also referred to as a ‘curriculum vitae’. It is a summary of personal skill, educational background, and work experience. A resume is supposed to demonstrate your abilities in relation to specific job requirements. A standard and effective resume must not be more than two pages long. It should only contain the most relevant details that will sell your potential to an employer. When writing a resume, one should not only focus on academics and job experience but his/her personality, as well. Such personal aspects include;

  • Personal traits – such as honesty and team player
  • Strengths – strong points in your capabilities.
  • Experiences – co-curricular activities and voluntary activities
  • Key tasks and achievements – any honors gained for services rendered.

Organization of a resume usually depends on work experience and education background. Information is usually written down in the reverse order, that is, most recent activities should be first on the list. The following essential information should be included in a resume;

  • Personal details: includes full name and contact details such as address, telephone number, and email address.
  • Education and training background: this is a summary of educational background and as note earlier starting with the recent achievements. All relevant qualifications should be included.
  • Employment history: similar to education history, this should be noted from the most recent backwards. Employer’s name, type of job, period, responsibilities, and achievements should also be listed. Again, all relevant details should be included.
  • Skills and abilities: this is a list of the things you excel in. They could be general or specific, and include; communication, teamwork, computer proficiency among others.
  • Career objectives: focuses on future career aspirations. It describes your road map to a future career.
  • Interests: this is mainly a list of your hobbies (creative things you enjoy doing during your free time). This portrays your flip side, that is, off duty personality. Describes the experience you have gained overtime.
  • Referees: these are people who know your working and education history well. However, before including them, you must seek their permission. Their name, occupation, and contact details should be included.

Finally, after writing the resume, the following should be checked. Proof reading to remove any grammatical errors, tailoring to ensure that the details provided are best suited to the job on offer, good presentation which is clear and tidy, and provision of specific examples of your achievements and the application of your skills.


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