Rewards and Punishments

Purpose – To find an area of psychology you are interested in and to learn APA format.

Instructions – Pick any topic in the field of psychology (can be from your textbook) that you find interesting. Write a short 2-3 page analysis paper on the topic. Include not only information about your topic but the relevance to you and to the field of psychology today.

Requirements – Write your paper using APA format. You must include a title page, abstract, main body, and reference page. You also must utilize a minimum of tow references, with your textbook counting as one and another professional source counting as another. You cannot use more than 3 quotes in the text and all quotes must be properly cited. The 2-3 pages is the body of text only; total you will have at least 5 pages.

Grading – This paper is worth 25 points. Ten will be given for the correct use of APA format in-text and in the title, abstract, and reference pages. the remaining 15 points will be given for content, quality of writing, and grammar and spelling.