Select one (1) topic of choice to deepen their knowledge on and write an individual essay.

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Part B – Short Essay
Students write an individual essay to complete this course. An essay counts no less than 3000 and no more than 3500 words.
An essay comprehensively summarizes and academically discusses a number of different but related topics in the course (at least 5), using the Schilling book, the lecture notes, and additional readings. Students use 1800 words for this Tutorials will assist in doing this. Discuss the topics coherently, critically and in depth. The less the style of this part of the essay is summary-style, the more it is critical, and the more it is coherently, the higher the grade.
Students then select one (1) topic of choice to deepen their knowledge on. In addition to the material suggested for this course, students find at least one (1) relevant academic article on their theme of choice to deepen the academic content of their essay on Innovation Management. Students use 900 words for the deepening part of their individual essay. Lectures and Tutorials will help select a topic of choice; lecturers and tutorial mentors can help in finding relevant academic articles.