Shakespeare is no longer Shakespeare. To what extent do you agree with this assertion, with Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 film of Romeo and Juliet?

The appropriation of Romeo and Juliet to be discussed and compared to Shakespeare’s original Romeo and Juliet is Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 film
Each essay title requires you to establish and sustain an argument. To do this, you need to unpack the title and determine the main aim or thesis statement of your essay. This should appear within the introduction. Your introduction should also indicate how you have sequenced your core topics or essay objectives to develop an overall argument.

Main body
Your main points should be organised into coherently linked paragraphs that separately and progressively indicate the linear direction of your essay’s main argument. Each paragraph should only address one main idea or topic. Use linking words and expressions to clearly indicate the linear direction of your argument from paragraph to paragraph.

Aim to combine different views of other authors with you own voice and position on claims. Ensure that all direct quotes as well as any paraphrased information from any of your sources are accurately acknowledged throughout your essay.

The final paragraph should return to your thesis statement and provide a summative evaluation of your overall response to the essay question. Avoid including any new details in the conclusion, these should be within the essay as support for your claims and observations.