Simulation Exercise Reflection-Create a response plan for responding to ongoing crisis in South Sudan.

Reflection paper on how we found the group simulation exercise. This is the information about the exercise: In your simulation exercise you will be acting as cluster coordinators meeting to create a response plan for responding to ongoing crisis in South Sudan. In order to prepare for this, each group will be assigned a cluster (the protection cluster has been divided into the two areas of priority, but these groups may want to work closely with each other) and for their presentation must present a critical introduction to that cluster in South Sudan. You will want to briefly introduce the cluster, highlighting the cluster lead agencies. You may also want to note any key toolkits and/or guidelines for that cluster. As it is a critical introduction, you will want to consider any areas of success or failure of your cluster in South Sudan.

The presentation will be short, you have 2 mins per group member (so the groups with 4 have 8 minutes and the groups with 3 have 6 mins), introducing the cluster and its activities, and and highlighting the main priorities and challenges of the cluster in South Sudan. You will be presenting in the lecture slot on Tuesday 6th November, so you will need to email me any slides you intend to present by 5.30pm on Monday 5th. This is your opportunity to get feedback before the simulation exercise assessment, but it is also part of the preparation for it, so it is important that you attend and take part. It is up to you as a group to decide how to allocate your preparation and presenting so that it is fairly distributed among group members.
For your simulation you will be acting as cluster coordinators meeting to discuss developing a 3-month response plan in the crisis ongoing in South Sudan. In this folder are materials you will need to review in order to prepare. This includes the simulation instructions as well as the UNOCHA South Sudan 2018 Response Plan (published December 2017) and the UNOCHA South Sudan 2018 Needs Overview (published December 2017). As the 2019 documents have not yet been published you will need to explore other sources to get an accurate picture of the needs and your cluster’s activities. The UNOCHA South Sudan webpage is a good place to start:, especially the humanitarian bulletins and 3Ws maps. The map of physical access constraints may also be of interest: UNOCHA also have financial tracking information on the response here: and the South Sudan Humanitarain Fund has financial information here: Reliefweb and the South Sudan NGO forum also both have a document repository. (More information + sources).

I was in the “Shelter & Non food items (NFI)” Cluster