Simulation of the performance of your airline company.

The performance of your airline will depend on how effectively the Management Team apply theory in practice to support critical analysis and evaluation in context leading to informed problem solving, identification of opportunities and decision making. You will need to draw extensively on theories and techniques from your MBA toolkit through taught units, for example, including:
• Strategic Management
• Marketing
• Human Resource Management
• Performance management
• Operations Management
• Finance
Your task:
You will be assessed on an individual report which demands in-depth critical analysis and evaluation of theory in practice leading to clear conclusions and feasible recommendations. You will write an individual report on the effectiveness of the performance of your airline in the simulation, showing how theory which you have learnt on the course was demonstrated both in your management of your business and in the way the players in your industry competed, integration of theory and practice.
You must address all specific questions below. You also can highlight other areas of your own choice.

1. What was your vision for your airline and the strategic plan?
2. What were your company’s performance objectives? How did these compare to the actual performance? Why?
3. What were the key strategic moves that led to your success (or demise)?
4. How is the company positioned for the future?

6. Important “take-aways” from the simulation experience.

Critically evaluate the use of theory in practice to inform decision making throughout.