Social Psychology (PSY 110) Final Project Hidden Figures

Social Psychology (PSY 110) Final Project

In addition to providing entertainment, films provide detailed portrayals of social behavior. Your task in this final project is to analyze — from a social-psychological perspective — the behaviors and events depicted in one of the films listed below. This project is designed to give you the opportunity to apply theories of Social Psychology into practice. Specifically, you will demonstrate your understanding of the following social-psychology concepts:

• Social interactions based on theories of human behavior
• Basic levels of what motivates behavior and how behavior informs understanding of others
• Themes of social interactions
• How prejudice and racism impact human interactions

How do you do that?
 Select a film from the list below. Watch the film, in its entirety. It may require watching it twice so that you are able to observe social-psychological concepts depicted in the events or individuals in the film. Take notes. Specifically, you want to look for how that concept is used and how it contributes to the storyline/scene.
 Using what you’ve learned in the class, life experience, and further research (i.e., peer-reviewed journals, and/or findings of relevant experiments you’ve read or heard about), you will describe different social-psychology concepts you have found in the movie you have chosen.
 For each concept, describe a scene that you believe is relevant, ensuring that it aligns with your understanding of the social-psychological concept. You must support your choices with evidence from the movie.
 Provide specific examples of occurrences in the film from social thinking, social influence, social relations, and other psychosocial domains. Information you read in the textbook chapters, saw/heard that illustrated a concept theory or helped you to understand/notice/ reflect upon (perception and perspective). Remember you are not watching the movie for merely entertainment. Rather, you should view the movie with curiosity and attempt to connect your chosen movie to the psychological content you have studied in the course.
 Specifically, you must detail in your paper 2 examples of social interactions based on theories of human behavior, 1 example of a character’s motivation for behavior, 2 themes of social interactions, and 1 example of how racism/prejudice has impacted human interactions in the movie. Each example will require explicit support from the movie. Please see the useful terms list as well as the rubric to help you write your paper.
Terms to present on PowerPoint:

1. attitude
2. bias
3. conformity
4. discrimination
5. formation
6. group dynamics
7. hostile aggression
8. instrumental aggression
9. persuasion
10. prejudice
11. prosocial learning
12. relational aggression
13. schema
14. self
15. social influence
16. stereotypes
17. violence

For full credit, the essay for your final project should:
1. Be 4-5 pages in length (not including the Cover and Reference page)
2. Include proper APA citations and formatting
3. Adhere to the requisites of the rubric
For full credit, the presentation for your final project should:
1. Be a minimum of 18 slides (title slide + 17 slides for terms)
2. Include proper spelling/grammar
3. Include images and/or animations to supplement the words on the slide.
Film choices:

12 Angry Men
Hidden Figures*
Pride and Prejudice

NOTE: If you are unable to obtain one of the movies listed please contact your instructor for guidance and to see what options are available to help you complete this assignment.