The State of the Economy





The State of the Economy

Since the 2008 credit crunch, jobs have become hard to secure. This situation has had negative effect on several institutions in the country. Among the casualties today is the education sector. Students graduating from school are finding it hard to secure employment in the job market. The available jobs are below their competence. In addition, the remuneration is also below average. The less educated have also been hit by higher levels of unemployment. Currently, the less educated are losing their jobs to the elite who are taking any available job. This paper analyzes the article “Many with New College Degree Find the Job Market Humbling”.

The author of this article has carried out a detailed study on the current state of the job economy vis-à-vis the education levels. The author has also gone deeper and presented information on the debate at hand. In addition, he has quoted works and sources such as The New York Times. This makes his analysis informative and incisive too. The article has also used credible facts and statistics from journals and government. As a result, this article is within the standards and worth the eye of any critical reader interested in finding out the issues behind the current aridity in the job market.

This article is timely and addresses current issues; 2012 is the time when it was written. The article looks further at issues facing the economics within the last three years. Therefore, it is a well-timed article whose idea and discourse are relevant to the current generation. Tackling the issues facing education is an important step towards the development of our nation. Writers and researchers in this field should be given thrust in order to help the country come up with the most pragmatic solution.

Many people interested in the economy can consume this article. Government, educationists, and economists have something to learn from this informative piece. However, students and academic institutions find this article interesting for various reasons. Given the bleak situation in the job market, institutions of higher learning should try to implement programs that help students secure jobs. Entrepreneurship should be at the helm of training in order to equip the graduating students with business skills. According to the article, many students who are graduating from college continue to tarmac looking for jobs, which are hard to come. In addition, these students are forced to take up jobs that do not suit their career choice. Indeed, the article begins by remarking that a student with a major in chemistry is now working as a bar tender. Such bleak and demoralizing realities are revelations of how rotten the system has become.

According to this article, students graduating from campus are earning $27000 per month. This is unlike years before where fresh graduates were started with $30000. Moreover, those with a single diploma will continue to remain jobless. This author clearly states that there are students who have opted to get a masters degree and more. These people appear to be well suited for the current competitive job market. On the other hand, most students are unable to continue or even further their education. Finances and lack of incentives from the job market have discouraged students from advancing their education. This article has clearly stated that students are faced with the loan burden. Although most of them would like to press on with academics, they lack finances, as they still have not serviced their undergraduate loans.

This article has proved that education is slowly dwindling. Gone are the days when the educated persons were hotly sought out. The author says that those who secure employment are those with tall uncles in the industry. Therefore, the current state of the economy has created room for corruption and lack of accountability. If this situation continues for a long time, the value of education will dwindle and people will cease to invest in it. On the other hand, there has been elimination of qualified personnel by technological advancement. Therefore, we can only look into the future with hope that things will change for the best and that education will gain its previous glory.