Streptococcus pneumoniae: Choose one of five organisms to do a research paper.

We had to choose one of five organisms to do a research paper.
From the teachers instruction page: This report should include every diagnostic test for that particular bacterium, symptoms of the illness it can cause if there are any, treatments, and whatever other information you feel is relative or important. Pictures are optional and do not count as part of the text and should be in the appendix. This paper should be written as a research paper with a works cited page and citations throughout the paper whenever they are used in MLA format. should be at least 4 pages long and should be double-spaced. 12 font and 1 inch margins should be used.The genus and species of your bacteria should be written either Genus species (underlined)or Genus species (italicized). The underline is not connected between the genus and species name. If it is not written correctly, you will lose points each time it is written incorrectly. Use valid sources. Wikipedia and the like are not valid sources for any type of paper