The Sun, Sand, and Waves





The Sun, Sand, and Waves

There are many beautiful places here on earth that a person would consider being his or her favorite places. There are monuments and landmarks in different countries that are not only beautiful, but also historically significant. However, out of the million places here on earth, my favorite place will always be the beach.

In the past, every Sunday my family and I would drive for an hour or two during dawn just to dip in the sea early in the morning. This was our way of catching up with one another while enjoying one of nature’s precious gifts to mankind. We always make it a point that we arrive at the beach before the sun rises. This was, for me, the best part of going to the beach. After the long drive, I sat on the shore and waited for the sun to rise. I sat not to close to the water because I love the feeling when the waves touch my skin and, after a few seconds, it goes back to the sea. The water was cold, but I did not mind it. As the water waved back and forth, I also tried to dig a hole in the sand for my feet. The sand was also cold, but my senses were not afraid of the cold, instead all my senses were focused on the rising of the sun. As I sat on the shore, I felt the cold water and the warm breeze filling my skin, but my eyes were focused on the sun. As this large ball of fire rose from what seemed like already the edge of the world, the ocean reflected the orange light that it produced. I looked up and saw that the blue sky was clear, and as the sun rose the sky became clearer.

After this amazing event, I usually stand up and feel the warm ocean breeze. The breeze also smells like it has been salted; actually, I can taste the salt in the air as I inhale. I turn around and I see the coconut trees dancing in the beat of the breeze. The leaves of the trees wave from left to right as they follow the direction of the wind. As I listen closely, I hear the leaves making sounds as one leaf hits another leaf. For me, the dancing leaves create a more melodic sound as you also listen closely to the waves.

I sit back on the shore, and I feel the heat of the sun on my skin; it does not hurt that much because it is still very early in the morning. I listen to the sound that the waves make. There are small and big splashes, which greatly depends on the size of wave that hits the shore. I also hear splashes of water coming from people enjoying their dip in the sea. As I have seen my siblings take a swim, I then join them and we take a swim near the shore.  As I take a dip, and while I am under water, I open my eyes and I see through the clear waters and I also see the sand on the bottom.

After taking a short dip, I join my family in the cottage as we eat our breakfast. I love being under the roof of the beach cottage because the sun does not glare too much as I examine the surroundings. I see the other kids gather near the shore as they make sand castles. Also, I see some adults lying down near the shore, I think they are sunbathing.

After finishing my meal, I run towards the shore barefoot, but the sand is already hot, so I run fast and jump into the water. I take a dip again and decide to let my body float in the water. I love how my back feels the cold water and how the front part of my body feels the warmth of the sun. This is a very relaxing way of feeling different things all at the same time. It puts my mind at ease, but my senses never fail to work and digest all the different feelings.

The beach, for me, is a place where a person can be his or her true self. It does not require a certain type of clothing before one can swim the waters. Other people can also swim naked, which totally depends on the preference of the person. The beach allows an individual to be truly one with nature and also experience it with others. The beach has one long shoreline and wide water that can accommodate hundreds of different people. The sea water unites these people as they take a dip in one body of water.

We usually stay at the beach for four to five hours. During this time, all we do is play and take a dip. We also play beach volleyball and invite people who want to play with us. Beach volleyball is a great game. I love it when you run and feel the sand in your feet. As you fall on the ground, the small granules of sand stick to your skin, and when you remove them you feel like tiny parts of skin comes off with it. You then take a dip after the game and as you dry off, you see your skin sparkling. You raise your arm to see it clearly under the sunlight, and there are bits of salt in your skin, and you try to rub it off.

When it is time to go home, we bring our garbage with us, and we clean our cottage. I take one last look towards the endless and vast ocean and promise to be here again next Sunday to feel the warm and cold feeling it brings. I soak my feet, for the last time, in the waters and feel the waves hit my knees. I rub my feet in the sand and let it soak for a while. My dad then calls me, and as I look back I see his hand wave. I run fast towards my family as we all ride in the car.

This is also the reason why I love the beach because it reminds me of my family enjoying the sand, sun, and the ocean. The beach reminds me of my dad, the kids building sand castles, and the rising of the sun. It reminds me that when you are at the beach you can be and can do anything you want as you become one with nature. It is, for me, a communal place where people gather to feel belongingness and unity.