Symbolism behind the use of flowers in Mrs Dalloway

Professors notes, “this essay reads like a list of moments in the text where flowers are associated with death. Morever, you are still woking with texts descretely rather than in a conjunction with eachother. In other words there is no logical progrssion of your line of inquiry and no real development of it-just repitition. Also, there are many errors throughout relating to MLA practices as well as sentence boundaries, including many run-on sentences and comma splices.
I uncluded ares in bold font in the paper that need to be rewritten. They are just examples and listing please analyze the ideas further as professor has asked. Fix the entire paper not just the bold areas. Also please do not plagiarize or use websites like Kibin, etc. I have had this happen before do not do it! This paper should be from scratch as well as the ideas in it.

professor does not want the sources in separate paragraphs she wants sources mixed throughout the paper with my contribution to the conversation within them