Technological Advancement





Technological Advancement

Technology has made it possible to have gadgets that make life easy. The air pump is one such invention. This gadget has been artistically designed to increase air pressure while decreasing its volume. This is made possible by the mechanics installed in this device. After compressing the air, the machine creates energy from it. This is because once the external pressure is released the air expands swiftly thus generating energy.

To carry out this function, the air pump is made using a sophisticated and unique technology. Thus, this machine has three major compartments the barrel, plunger, and the hose. These three components make it possible for the machine to operate efficiently. Moreover, this implement is portable and light. Therefore, it can be used anywhere since it does not carry a lot of space. Currently, every household willing to have this device can afford it. This is because it is retailing at only $19.95.

The mechanics behind this device is simple but scientific. There is a leather washer perfectly placed at the lower end of the main rod. This can be seen from the diagram on the device to be presented. ¼-inch nuts hold this leather washer. For efficiency and energy conservation this device is manually operated. This makes sure that the gadget can be used to inflate small inflatable devices. In addition, it can pump about 60 pounds per square inch.

To ensure the durability and longevity of this machine, it has been fitted with rustproof and steel covers. One one side, there is a brass and the octagonal barrel cap. These allow for access to the pump mechanism and the diaphragm. Therefore, the covers do not affect the pump activity. This has been well-fitted using ¼-inch holes at its center and 1/8-inch hole on the side; this setup allows air to penetrate the housing.

To ensure that the machine is operated properly, it comes with a barrel assembly that has three miniature parts. These include the housing, a barrel cap, and a toe plate. In order to make the machine work, the operator fastens the tube plunger onto the filler stem of an object to be inflated. Stands on the toe plate, and pumps the plunger up and down to inflate the object. Inflatable objects of different sizes may require different size filler needles.

Other important features for this machine include a protective housing. As it can be seen on the diagram, the housing is made to protect damage to the machine. The housing is a hollow, 4 1/2 inch by 17 inch steel barrel. The top end is threaded to receive the barrel cap. The 18-inch fabric covered rubber hose screws into the barrel housing 1 inch above the base with an airtight brass fitting. A 6-inch wide by 1-inch high wood handles threads onto the top of the rod. The pump is 18 inch high and is constructed of steel rubber hosing and brass fittings. The plunger system fits into the housing while being secured by the barrel cap.

Welded to the bottom of the barrel housing is a 4 1/2 inch long toe plate base on which the operator stands during the operation of the pump’s plunger mechanism. The plunger assembly consists of three parts: a rod, a handle, and a diaphragm. The locking clamp nozzle is inserted into the hose end and is secured with a 1/8 inch metal band. A thumb chuck allows quick release for regular and high-pressure use. The rod is a 1/4 inch by 16 1/2 inch threaded steel shaft. As air is compressed, it is also heated.