The impact of the growing vegan society on the food industry

this thesis is from 35 pages, the subject is about the vegan diet and society and the recent growth and benefit of it. also how that impact the food sector specifically on the fast food industry. the most important no plagiarism, all info provided with references. Due to the lack of time, I cannot write that but I will follow with the writer to achieve a good work, communication is essential. The deadline is flexible we can communicate about it but I need the first part introduction with the methods by the end of May 2018 which is 40% of the thesis, because I have to submit this part My English level is B2 so there is no need for very high level with writing. Besides, a small survey is needed in the thesis, it can be about how many people heard about vegan and when and if they consume any vegan product. all thesis is very flexible, the writer can specify the research question more and can structure all thesis after communicating, of course, all better ideas are welcome.

the first part should be according to one copy I have uploaded by the end of May called research proposal.
the second part can be by the end of June which is the thesis entire thesis.
All writing should be according to papers i have uploaded with the order, so please have a look at all papers fiest and then let me know if you have any question, good luck.