“The international legal regime against drugs has enabled drug trafficking organisations to flourish.” Critically discuss.

This essay should include Introduction, Table of Content, Conclusion, Critical Approach, Bibliography. And OSCOLA Referencing style must be used. Essays should be typed, double or 1½ line spaced and fully referenced. Essays must state the actual word count. ​
Students are requiredto submit one essay of up to 5,000 words (including footnotes and quotations, but excluding the bibliography) for this module.

It is assumed that your essay will be typed and spell-checked and that it will use the usual conventions (e.g., OSCOLA) regarding footnoting (which is preferred over end noting)and bibliographies. Please use a line-spacing setting of 1.5. There is nothing that gets an examiner in a “grumpier” frame of mind than reading a sloppily-presented essay that is filled with spelling and typographical errors. On the first page of the essay, you must state the word length.

The word count will include everything in the body of the text, such as quotations, citations, footnotes and headings. It does not include bibliography, references, appendices or other supplementary material, which does not form an essential part of the text. Footnotes (or endnotes) are included in the word count and include all citations (reference in OSCOLA style), explanation, or comment at the bottom of the page (or at the end of the essay). References that are not included in the word count are additional sources of information such as alternative bibliographies. Essay should have a critical approach and discussion. Essay should not be so descriptive. This essay should definetely be on masters level. (LLM) This essay should primarily explain what the transnational criminal law on trafficking is about.

This topic asks you to examine whether the law has enabled drug trafficking organisations to flourish.