The mid-term assignment of the contemporary Japan of major international relations

1. you will answer 5 of the 6 questions.
2. each answer should be about 150 words in a short essay format with a better quality. and the point will be 5 for each question.
3.your answers should be concrete, precise, and succinct. they should include both the required reading materials of each week and what we discussed in the lecture based on each week PPT. mention the author’s names if you are referring to their ideas. and this is also the point I really count on and want to see from your answers. as well as some extras reading you find.
4. the assignment questions and required materials and PPTs will be uploaded, please carefully focus on both.
5. the answer sheet should point out the answer question you have chosen and write the number of the question as well as the question and then start to answer the question on the new line in well -organized formation and meet all the required mentioned above.