The NAMI NJ Presentation I attend for Sophia and Helson. 6 page double space

The paper is base on the presentation and the NAMI NJ in our own voice the presentation is about a nurse name Sophia that had sex with her older brother has a child and he was much older than her and he sexually abuse her. he took advantage of his sister. She now feeling guilty about it and try to commit suicide on several times,she was in the hospital about 8 to 9 times for trying to kill her self. the second person is a guy from Columbia who was Physical abuse by his mother he and his sister. The sister kill her self has a adult the brother inform him. The did not have a father. Nelson coping skills are music,working at the gym,going to support group,handing out with friends, Nelson at one point in his life,he start,drinking going club,dancing gogo tripper,he lost his girl friend,He move back to NJ to clean his life and he go a job with He started doing Nami presenation in my own words about his past life from abuse physical and verbal abuse from his mother,he got the most abuse from the mother.
Sophina is about 55 years old now with a husband on grown children her coping skils,book coloring ,her medication,suppport gruop, buddah ish pratice. She continued her education by getting her MS IN nursing She sold her busines and she can’t wait for her hiusband to retire. 6 page double space apa format.