The Politics of Global Finance – How has the change in economic ideas impacted the global economy and its regulation?

This paper will be delivered as an exam in the course “The Politics of Global Finance”.  The guidelines for how the paper should be structured and what it should include, is attached is laid forward in the attached PDF called “guidelines 2016-2017” page 7 to 13.

There are no requirements or limitations concerning use of articles from the reading list as references. But I would prefer that at least a couple of articles in from the reading list are cited in the finished paper.

Rsearch question “How has changing economic ideas affected the global economy and its regulation?”

It is then possible to compare the Bretton Woods regime before 1973, with the globalized finance today, and the ideas/schools that underpin both (Keynesianism/embedded liberalism VS. the Monetarism of Milton Friedman and neoliberalism), and discuss what kind of implications this change has on the global economy (short term growth, increased inequalities inside countries, a more volatile world economy which is well exemplified by the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, more power to private companies compered to states/democracy).