The Role of Protest Music in African American history within the US

To what extent did the language and lyrical technique used in 1990s gangster rap music as exemplified by Tupac Shakur amongst others, reflect the protest music of 1960s civil rights era in the United States from artist such as Nina Simone and Sam Cooke?

This is the research question I would like to be answered. I need a thesis statement to go along with this as well. This is an Extended Essay which is required by the IBDP and it is a World Studies CAT3 essay so I would please encourage to look up resources on grading and guidelines on the IB website.

On the first page(title page), I need:
Research Question:
Subject: World Studies CAT3
May 2019

2nd page: I need a table of contents which will have 4 different sections, which is what the essay will be split up into

Lyrical Analysis

there are no footnotes allowed and I would like at least 15-20 references in the bibliography which will be the very last page. At the bottom of each page, I need page numbers

General Notes:
Since the Extended essay is a very specific geared essay please don’t go too far back in terms of historical context so please keep the time frame for historical focus at its maximum earliest to maximum latest 1945-2000

and since this is an essay about music and it’s lyrics I would like the writer to pick a song from each of the artist’s repertoire that aligns with the topic of this essay and do a close analysis of the lyrics and language used almost like analyzing poetry. I have exact preferred samples they should use so if you could email me after I pay for the essay that would be great for those samples. Other than that everything else should be good.