The Terrirtorial trap & Trump UNGA speech 2018

I have to write an essay on: to what extent can you see the 3 assumptions of John Agnew of the territorial trap in Trumps speech of the UNGA. The link to trumps speech is: united-nations-general-assembly-new-york-ny/

The article of the territorial trap can be found here:

The assignment: In the introduction summarize the topic. A main body, in which you present Trump’s argument and reflect on Trump’s speech from the perspective of Agnew’s territorial trap.
A conclusion, in which you briefly summarize your main point or points.

I have to focus on Toulmin model for arguments not all of the 6, just the claim, warrant and data.

MAX of 500 words, intro + conclusion can be short. Writing for a well informed reader with general knowledge.

Thank you very much in advance!! This topic is really difficult.