The Turning Tide of Nelson Mandela’s discourse – A Report on His Changing Use of Conceptual Metaphor and Mood

The paper is a report on an analysis. The report and analysis will need to be conducted.

The analysis should use a ‘compare and contrast’ format using snippets from 3 of Nelson Mandela’s most famous speeches to analyse changes in, as well as, differences and similarities in his use of conceptual metaphor and mood over the passage of time. The analysis should reveal whether there are any significant and noteworthy changes in his use of conceptual metaphor which might run parallel to the changes over time in both the South African political situation as well as his own personal changes in circumstances from being sentenced, to being elected President and stepping down as President. The analysis should be drawn from a dataset of 2000 – 3000 words comprised of snippets from 3 speeches (attached). See full instructions in the attachment ‘Assignment_instructions’.