The Use of Propaganda in the Nazi War Against the Jews

Final submission of the research document is due during Module #8 (11/25-12/7) (Research Paper)

The paper should adhere to the following format.

*Title page

*An abstract, which should include a summary of your main ideas and conclusions.

* In the body of your paper you must footnote the use of every source; footnotes must conform to MLA standards according to Kate L.Turabian. Quotes must be acknowledged by the use of quotation marks.

* The paper must be typed,double spaced with 1 inch margins and must be a minimum of 6 pages in length, excluding title page, abstract and annotated bibliography.

* In addition, append to your paper an annotated bibliography of literary and internet resources and how you found them.

* Write your report in a word processor, and copy and paste the finished product.

Evaluation of the Research Paper
Consider sending a first submission (draft) for a preliminary review. No grade will be applied to this version.
The following is a rubric (a set of criteria) that you might find helpful in structuring your research design. It provides the writer with a set of standards that are reasonable, clear, and, to a certain extent, objective.

Grade Characteristics
F:) A paper which does any of these:
1. writing fails to address the specific focus of the paper
2 . does not present evidence to support the selected topic
3. paper has not been proof read for misspellings and poor grammar usage.
4. selects a topic which is broad and general in its scope
5. does not provide personal analysis and commentary about the topic, but relies predominately on the thoughts and ideas of others
D:) A paper which is free of the above defects, but which conspicuously does any of these:
1. uses jargon and rhetorical questions to emphasize main points
2. is grammatically incorrect to the point that sentences tend to be incoherent and vague
3. fails to utilize adequate reason to support the topic
4. terms are not defined and used appropriately within the context of the concept
C:) A paper which does not contain the above, but is flawed by any of these:
1. poorly organized
2. information tends to be misleading or inaccurate
3. fails to follow through with initial ideas presented at the beginning of the paragraph
4. does not structure the paper with a paragraph framework that reflects an introduction, body, and conclusion
B:) A paper free of the aforementioned, but which does either of these:
1. fails to demonstrate an ability to apply analysis and synthesis to historical information
2. infers information, but makes careless errors in the final interpretation and presentation of the material
3. leaves the reader with mixed feelings about the information that is actually being presented and what the writer really intended to say
A): A paper containing elements free of the prior items, but including all of these:
1. thoughtful analysis
2. persuasive arguments
3. application of significant thought process and design structure