This is a theology essay – subject is global christianity since 1700

Why did many German Christians fail to oppose the Nazi regime? Compare the response of those in the Confessing Church.?
write an essay that demonstrates your understanding of the main issues and alternative viewpoints. Your essay should include a clear introduction outlining how you will answer the essay question, a body/discussion that develops your arguments (divided into paragraphs for each main point), and a conclusion that sums up your findings in relation to the essay question.
Your assessors will look for evidence of:

understanding of the intellectual and political challenges posed by non-Christian worldviews during the first half of the twentieth century
be able to demonstrate an understanding of major themes, movements and figures in German theology during the first half of the twentieth century
understanding of the role of religion in the development of national identity in Germany during the first half of the twentieth century
the ability to present a sustained argument (rather than just re-telling what happened), based on historical evidence that includes both primary and secondary sources
the ability to place secondary sources in their wider cultural and intellectual context by showing where they fit into the current state of historical knowledge understanding and proper use of any important concepts involved in the essay;
critical use of a wide range of appropriate primary and secondary source evidence (cited in some standard manner) to corroborate claims made about the past;
logical organisation and a clear structure;
precise communication with a good grasp of English grammar and spelling, and an appropriate writing style;
correct conventions of presentation
The main text book is Hastings, Adrian (ed.). A world history of Christianity. Grand Rapids MI: WB Eerdmans, 1999 (any edition/imprint is suitable).