Trade Show and Event Marketing

Trade Show and Event Marketing
Global-Tech is a software and hardware production company that specializes in computer programming and networking solutions. The company encourages innovativeness and dedication that students and other self-sponsored individuals bring to the business. The support of the new age technology advancements creates a wide market for development and establishment of a significant business for the business. The company is also a supplier of technology accessories to schools and other companies that are embracing the technological changes in the business. The company is located in New York where its headquarters is based. The company also has invested in recreational facilities, hotels, schools, and donates a large sum of its annual returns to charities that are to help children and homeless people. Global-Tech hosts a competition for ICT students in various universities who are prospective employees in the business after their graduation. Global-Tech plans to host its annual ‘Prospective Challenge’ that aims to identify with university students and promote talents among teenagers. The success of the event translates to the expansion of the business in terms of employees and builds responsiveness of its goods and services to future customers.
Section A: RFP (Request for Proposal)
I. Contact Information
Event Name: Prospective Challenge
Event Host: Global-Tech
Event Organizer: Global Tech
Contact Person: Andrew Mills
Contact Details: 234 345 786
City: New York
State/ Province: New York
Email Address:
Preferred Method of Communication: Telephone
II. Event Profile
Event Name: Prospective Challenge
Event Host Organization: Global-Tech
Event Organizer: Global-Tech
Event Start Date: Fifth (5th) May 2014
Event End Date: Fifteenth (15th) May 2014
Event Organizer:
• Global-Tech enjoys 45% of the total market share with major competitors being Tech-Solutions, Betsy Technologies, and Fog Tech Industries. Tech Solutions have a 25% market share, Betsy Technologies enjoying 15%, and Fog Tech Industries is having 10% of the total market share.
• Prospective Challenge event aims to identify young, talented, and visionary university ICT students, offer them an opportunity of developing their skills, and make a living out of their hard work.
• The ‘Prospective Challenge’ is an annual event held in the convention hall of Global-Tech businesses.
Event Host Overview:
Global-Tech mission is to spearhead the development and adoption of technological advancements in the digital world.
Global-Tech vision is to reach out to the global market with its technological solutions to making the world a digital place.
The business is built on the philosophy of identifying with talents and nurturing them to perfection. The efforts in making the best out of the ordinary are the driving force behind the existence of Global-Tech. Innovation and technological advancements are the primary concepts, which the company stabilizes its market shares.
Attendee Profile: The event is expected to host 3000 visitors and students. The event attendance does not discriminate on gender, race, or any other basis. Therefore, every willing participant has the opportunity of attending the event at his or her own will. Among the people in attendance, the company invites members from other countries. With the support of several countries governments, the event looks forward to hosting members from other continents like Africa, and Asia.

Event History:
The Prospective Challenge for 2014 will be the third since the first one held in 2011.
Facility Name City/State Start Date End Date Total Attendance Total Room Nights Post-Event Report (PER) attached
Global-Tech New York 20th October 2013 30th October 2013 2000 10 N/A
Global-Tech New York 5th July 2012 15th July 2012 1500 10 N/A
Global-Tech New York 3rd April 2011 13th April 2011 900 10 N/A

Exhibition Information: The Prospective Challenge includes an exhibition of the technological advancements that the company has contributed to the technology industry. The events that the company has organized over time and the charities that the company sponsors are also part of the show. The company aims to display the successes in their products and the future it aims to reach with its products. The display will be held in the main hall of the organizations’ building.
Future Open Dates: Global-Tech intends to hold ‘Prospective Challenge’ in the future with the specified dates below.

Published Start Date Published End Date
10th February 2015 20th February 2015
19th March 2016 29th March 2016
17th September 2017 27th September 2017

III. Requirements
The request for proposals (RFP) is soliciting for the services of event hosting, which Global-Tech envisions for the future. Every year the number of attendants in the ‘Prospective Challenge’ is to increase; consequently, the space and hall of meeting might not be enough for future participants in the events. Additional services like the lodging and accommodation facilities are also of consideration.
Location Requirements: Global-Tech looks to host the event in different states in order to reach out to other areas where their products have not reached. The development and target group of the company considers states that have significant universities and high student populations. Global-Tech looks to hold events in Alabama, California, Florida, New Jersey, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington.
Facility Requirements: In the states listed above, Global-Tech prefers to hold the ‘Prospective Challenge’ event in a conference center. Conference center provide enough exhibition space and is usually situated near restaurants and lodgings; therefore, they will serve to lessen the efforts to locate a room service for the participants in the event and the visitors that will be invited from different nations.
Guest Room Requirements: In every Prospective Challenge event, Global-Tech provides for its guests and members accommodation and meal. The table outlines the requirements in detail for the ten days of the event.
Times Number of Guests Number of Single-Bedded Rooms Required Number of Double-Bedded Rooms Required Number of suites Required Number of Accessible Rooms Required Total number of Rooms and Suites Required
Monday 950 300 325 100 N/A 725
Tuesday 1000 200 350 100 N/A 650
Wednesday 1900 400 700 100 N/A 1200
Thursday 2500 700 800 200 N/A 1700
Friday 3000 1000 900 200 N/A 2100
Monday 3000 1000 900 200 N/A 2100
Tuesday 3000 1000 900 200 N/A 2100
Wednesday 3000 1000 900 200 N/A 2100
Thursday 2500 900 725 150 N/A 1775
Friday 1500 700 350 100 N/A 1150

Section B: Preliminary Program
Event Theme: Making a Difference in ICT and the Tech-World
Description of Organization: Global-Tech is a private company specializing in technological advancements, software, and hardware supplies. The company creates a great publicity from its support of students in its event; the Prospective Challenge held annually. The involvement of university students in the challenge is a stratagem that the business uses in promoting the young and talented individuals in the society and helping them find a plan to develop their skills. In turn, Global-Tech, gives back to the society by taking part in a number of social work events in the societies to boost its involvement in social events such as charities to help the needy.
Attendants: Technology is a revolution in business development and processes. The new technology advancements help create a better, faster, and more efficient customer satisfaction for companies and individuals compared to the eras where there were no technological equipments. The Prospective Challenge provides the attendants with information about the new arrivals and the future developments yet to come. Therefore, apart from the students in the different colleges and universities, in the United States, business representatives are allowed to attend, individuals, and high school students under the guardianship of their teachers will be allowed to enter.
Date and Place: The event is scheduled to take place on Fifth (5th) May at the Global-Tech building conference center. The show, however, will take place in the main hall of the building.
Sessions: each day of attendance will incorporate three sessions with a two-hour break in between the sessions. On the first day, the visitors will be welcomed and ushered to the conference hall. The events of the day will be:

Event Facilitator Duration
Welcoming of visitors Global-Tech CEO 8.00 am – 10.00 am
Lunch – 10.00 am – 12.00 pm
Induction and summary of the program for the ten days Event Organizer – Andrew Mills 12.30 pm – 2.30 pm
Break – 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm
Registration of the universities and colleges in attendance Students Representative 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm
Departure 4.45pm

On the second day until the ninth day, the programs of the day will be the same. Each day will have three sessions with two-hour breaks for refreshments and lunch before the departure at the end of the day. On the first assembling day, Tech review will be a showcase for Global-Tech and give direction for the Universities that will be given the responsibility of facilitating in the following days. The university students will be given the opportunity to present their personal inventions and explain the impact they might have if released to the public. At the close of the event, the best show and invention presented will be awarded and funding for the project provided for with Global-Tech. The competition that the universities will be competing in is a challenge to identify students the company will award the honors of best performers. The competition will involve the course subjects, the practical sessions, and a session of creativity to prove the abilities of the students.
Event Speaker/ Facilitator Duration Objective
Tech Review Global Tech – CEO 8.00 am – 10.00 am The lecture will focus on the new inventions that the company has produced. Additionally, the lecture will seek to create awareness of its products to the audience in attendance.
Break – 10.00 am – 12.00pm
Competition of the Universities in attendance Andrew Mills and the University representatives 12.00 pm – 2.00 pm The event will focus on identifying the best students from different universities by organizing competitions that they will participate. The universities will be grouped in categories according to state or nationalities.
Break – 2.00 pm – 4.00 pm
Exhibitions Global-Tech Universities in attendance 4.00pm – 5.30 pm The show will not only focus on the products offered by Global-Tech, but also it will be a session where the different universities will present their inventions. Individual students and groups will be allowed to bring their developments and present to the people in attendance.
Departure 5.30 pm – Participants and the visitors will leave at their own pleasure.

On the last day of the event, the award ceremony and the completion of the event will be marked by celebrations to congratulate the winners. It will also be a day to identify with the future hopeful employees to the business. The winners will be awarded, and their reward will be made clear in the presence of everybody. The program of the day will have three sessions with two-hour breaks and afterwards a celebration for the winners and vote of thanks to all who made the event a success.
Event Speaker/ Facilitator Duration Objective
Finals of the competition for the Universities and colleges Andrew Mills and the University representatives 8.00 am – 11.00 am In the finals of the competitions for the universities and colleges, the students will be given a chance to prove they are worthy to receive the awards given by Global-Tech.
Break – 11.00 am – 1.00 pm
Announcement and awarding of the winners Global-Tech CEO, Andrew Mills, and the University representatives 1.00 pm – 3.00 pm After consideration of the performance of the groups of students, the results of the best performer will be announced.
Break – 3.00 pm – 5.00 pm
Departure Participants and the visitors will leave at their own pleasure.

Registration Forms: Universities and colleges that are to participate in the event will be required to acquire the registration forms from the company’s website. Alternatively, in the various outlets of Global-Tech, the registration forms will be provided. The universities that will participate, however, have to hand in their forms two months before the date of the event. Those that will submit their forms late will not be eligible to participate in the event. The registration forms will be used in the provision of accommodation and lodging services and in determining the total expenditure that will accrue at the end of the event.
Sponsors: The event will be a collaborative business with Google and Dell Computers who are the greatest supporters of Global-Tech. These companies, which are high contributors in social responsibility activities and young teens support in developing their talents to professional levels.
Section C: Meeting and Exhibition Guide (MESG)
I. Overview
Day/ Date: Fifth (5th) May 2014
Function Name: Prospective Challenge
Event Organizer/ Host Organization: Global-Tech
Event Organizer Location: New York
Starting Time: 8.00 am
Ending Time: 3.00 pm
Program Planner: Andrew Mills
Contact Details: 234 345 786
Purpose of Meeting: The event is to fish for young talented students and provide opportunity’s to enable them become the professionals in their fields of expertise.
Event Type: The Prospective Challenge is a countrywide event aiming to search, build, and develop talents among the teens,
Event Frequency: The event is held annually.
Preferred Site: The event is to take place in the Global-Tech building.
II. Key Date, Times, and Locations
Primary Event Facility Name: Global-Tech building.
Event Location City: New York
State/ Province: New York
Country: United States
Published Start Date: Fifth (5th) May 2014
Published End Date: 15th May 2014
Pre-Event Meeting: Held on twenty-ninth (29th) April 2014 at 10.00 am in Global-Tech conference hall, New York. The meeting was convened to determine the events and programs that are to be held in ensuring the success of the Prospective Challenge. The people in attendance were the CEO Global-Tech, human resource manager Global-Tech, the finance manager Global-Tech, Andrew Mills the event organizer, and Richard Rivers the representative of Universities.
Post-Event Meeting: To be held on 17th May 2014 as from 10.00 am in Global-Tech conference hall, New York. The meeting is to identify the expenditure during the event, the expenses that were incurred in the days of the event, the damages that might have been done and the people responsible, and the success of the event in creating awareness and identifying students with talents. The people in attendance were the CEO Global-Tech, human resource manager Global-Tech, the finance manager Global-Tech, Andrew Mills the event organizer, and Richard Rivers the representative of Universities.
Key Event Contacts: In the success of the event, Global-Tech will employ the help from event organizers, security personnel, the lodging department, catering department, and subordinate staff of Global-Tech. their contact details are provided for in the table below

Company Address Location During the Event Emergency Contact
Andrew Mills Event Organizer, Global-Tech 2537, New York On site at all times 234 345 786
Richard Rivers University Students Representative 875, New Jersey He will be present in the event and is to be near the students in their areas of lodging. 678 567 098
Lindsey Ashley Head of the Catering department, Raised Caterers 956, New York The catering services will be offered at the site of events; therefore, she will be present at all times. 555 562 004
Maxwell Gordon Head of the Security Department, Global-Tech 125, New York Will always be present in the event proceedings and the building 004 457 834
Clara Simmons Human Resource Manager, Country Bells Resort 235, New York Will be situated in the resort facilities where students and visitors will spend their nights 557 342 004

Description of Duties:
Andrew Mills. He will be responsible for overseeing the progress of the event. Additionally, Mr. Mills is responsible for the attendants of the event in terms of their lodging and accommodation facilities.
Richard Rivers. Working in conjunction with Mr. Mills, Mr. Rivers, will be in-charge of the conducts of the students in and out of the event facilities. He will be assisted with selected members of various institutions to oversee and respond to issue affecting the students.
Lindsey Ashley. As the head of the catering department, she will be responsible for the supply of drinks, food, and snacks during the breaks and lunch period before the beginning of the sessions.
Maxwell Gordon. As the head of security, Mr. Maxwell will require the assistance of other security personnel of the company to monitor the events and the safety of the areas of the convention. Within the building, he will assign employees in strategic areas to monitor the people coming in and people who are going out. In the lodgings where the students and visitors will spend the night, he will be responsible for their security.
Clara Simmons. Tasked with the responsibility of providing lodging facilities for the students and visitors, she is to provide a good environment to support the students and visitors in their preparation for the events of the next day and recreational facilities to keep them occupied.
Attendee Profile: This section provides detailed information for the people who are to attend the Prospective Challenge.
Expected Total Event Attendance: The event looks forward to hosting three thousand (3000) visitors, students, and foreign guests of Global-Tech.
Number of Pre-Registered Attendees: 300 visitors who are guests invited by Global-Tech
Number of International Attendees: 200 visitors are expected from different countries in the world. Their lodging and accommodation facilities will be booked early before their arrivals to lessen the task of finding them a suitable place of residence.
Accessibility/ Special Needs: During the registration, the attendees will indicate the special needs that they might have and would like to be provided. Global-Tech will cater for all the special needs that individuals may have.
Arrival/ Departure Information:
Arrivals: The university students and their representatives are required to report on fourth (4th) of May. On arrival, they will register with the registrar of the event and check-in with the lodgings where they are to spend the days of the event.
Major Departures: The attendees will leave the lodgings booked for the days of the event on the following day after the final events of the Prospective Challenge. At their own pleasure, they can leave on the same day of the finals and award ceremony.
Group Arrivals/ Departures: The different universities and colleges that will decide to travel in groups will let the registrar know of their day of arrival and their day of departure make necessary arrangements with the accommodation employees.
Luggage Delivery Requirements: Individuals or organizations that expect to receive a luggage during the days of the event are to notify the security personnel who, in turn, will give them the address of the organization as the destination area. When the luggage is received, with the help of the registrar, the owner will be identified, and their luggage delivered to them.
Luggage Storage Requirements: In the days of the event, the luggage will be under the care of the owners. Every person will be responsible for his or her own property, but in case of misplacement, person is to make a report with the security personnel.
Safety, Security, and First Aid: The security personnel will provide each student with emergency instructions and the right procedure to follow in accessing medical emergency. A session of 30 minutes prior to the start of the sessions each day will be dedicated to educating the attendees of the security measure to take in the event of emergencies.
Food and Beverage: Students with special requirements will be identified, and their foods and beverages provided for them at the same time as other students and visitors. Breakfast will be served at their lodgings before they report to the conference center at Global-Tech building. Mid-morning breaks will be served with beverages and snacks in the building. Lunch will also be provided in the building. Dinner will be served back at the lodgings. In the afternoon, all attendees will be provided with water or energy drinks.
Audio/ Visual Requirements: The event will require a projector and public address systems to help in the lectures and discussions.
Transportation: Global-Tech will provide transportation facilities for its visitors and the students attending the event. During the week, a bus will pick up the students and visitors from their lodging areas to Global-Tech building. In the evening, they will be transported back to the lodging areas. Extra transportation costs for the students will be a personal expense; however, international students and visitors will be toured around the state courtesy of Global-Tech. During the weekend, the students will be transported to the historic sites near the city courtesy of Global-Tech.