What is the difference between cooperation and integration?

Dear writer,

It is not an really essay. You just need to answers these questions:

1-Why has the long-term care field nor been subject to strong competition in the past? Why has that changed?
2-What is the difference between cooperation and integration?
3-What is an integrated health network?
4-What is an integrated health system?
5-Under what circumstances might a long term care organization choose to join an integrated system? An integrated network?
6-What are some of the potential economies of scale resulting from integrated?
7-What are some of the benefits of integration for long-term care consumers?
8-How are management and governance of an individual organizational entity?
9-Why are information systems so important to integration efforts?
10-Why is the planning so important to integrated networks or systems?
11-What do you think of the text’s suggestions for marketing strategies? Do you doctors should be allowed to market their services at all? Why or why not?

# Note: Here is an online link for the book, it may help you.