What measures is the Irish government taking to rekindle the Irish language?

Vancouver format and citing
1100-1300 words
maximum 5% plagiarism
please stick to key aspects in the template and then add more aspects and topics.

this is an argumentative research paper.

we will have discuss whether what the irish government what they are doing is efficient or not in reviving the language?

each of the three key aspects should be researched in details and supported by evidence and sources.

after doing the key aspects you got room for more aspects or topics

and you have to use 2 of the sources i mentioned in the template

my idea of the topic or approach is :
-how the number of irish language speakers has declined and is still declining … ( background and census)
-then support with solid evidence that the government is doing everything to revive the language( main focus of topic ) ( focus on many departments e.g. )
-(optional) then give an evidence based review if what the government actions are any good ( i will discuss more with you later )