What were the differences between the New England vs. Chesapeake colonies?

Essay Questions 1 & 2
Instructions: In well-written and well-researched one or two paragraph essays, answer the questions below (50 points each):
1. What were the differences between the New England vs. Chesapeake colonies?
Sample question and answer:
Discuss the political underpinnings of the Mexican-American War.
President Polk provoked a political revolt in Mexico when he sent an envoy along with troops, and a navy squadron to purchase Mexico. The military influence was Polk’s scheme to “persuade” Mexico to annex Texas. These political revolts, which Polk’s actions stirred, turned into an anti-American regime in Mexico. Polk’s motivation was to gain New Mexico, and California as well. This incident revealed Democrats and Whigs differences in developmental progress. Democrats believed in expanding American institutions over space, whereas Whigs believed in improving institutions over time. Antislavery advocates suspected that the real reason for Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War was the desire to extend slavery. The Wilmot Proviso (an amendment that banned slavery in annexed territories) was shot down in the House and marked a change from party division to sectional division – Free states and slave states. The two-party system began to fail. An interesting note in the Mexican War was the involvement of such soon-to-be-famous names as: Lee, Grant, and McClellan.
Scores for the answers will be based on the following:
Completeness of answer (40 points) Historical accuracy (25 points) Evidence of use of sources other than the textbook (25 points) (For full credit in this category, you need to list at least 2 sources for each of the essays. The textbook cannot be used as one of the sources.) Spelling, grammar, and punctuation (10 points)