Whether direct democracy can be considered a solution to the problem of political apathy

Please combine the literature review and findings into one and organise the major arguments on this topic by its position, for, against, and sort of.

Please include the contents of these sources inside it
・model of democracy David Held
・Direct Action and Democracy Today April Carter
・The effect of direct democracy on the social stratification of … (I will attach the PDF of this article)

The literature review should be around 4000 words.
And also, as i need to think about whether i will do the empirical case study or make further discussion by literature, please add any idea to make further discussion by around 1000 words.

So, the total word count of my order is 5000 but please devide the literature review and further discussion.

And please put the page number for all in-text citation.
The number of source is not identified, so please use the indicated 3 plus some which you think helpful.