Whole Body Bone Scan Current Symptoms: Elevated PSA Levels

82 y/o male
Current Symptoms: Elevated PSA Levels
Procedure: Whole Body Bone Scan

History: Diagnosed with prostate CA in 2011
Treated with Brachytherapy
Last Whole Body Bone Scan was in 07/27/ 2016

Unique because the patient was on vacation when his doctored called and told him he had to come back as soon as possible and get this procedure done.

2016 Results: There are no focal areas of abnormal tracer deposition to suggest osseous metastases. Linear increases in activity identified at L4 and L5, likely reflecting endplate arthritic changes. Arthritic changes are noted within the bilateral shoulders, knees and at the base of the left thumb.

2018 Results: On the whole body bone images, the kidneys and urinary bladder are not visualized indicating a super scan. There are diffuse and extensive osseous metastasis. These are more apparent in the ribs, bilateral humeri and bilateral femur.