With reference to TWO OR MORE topics covered in the Term, discuss the relationship between biological kinship and its cultural and social elaboration.

You should find a way to connect your chosen topics in some analytically interesting way and you should
make this connection explicit in the essay. Originality (rather than the regurgitation of PowerPoint slides)
will be rewarded very highly.
I have provided all the readings that we have covered over the term for use in the essay using the ethnographic evidence and theories in linking topics together as well as formulating detailed theories and original ideas
The topics are as follows with around 2-3 readings provided with each topic
(Rethinking anthropology by Leach, E.R.pdf)
(Rethinking Trobriand Chieftainship Mark S. Mosko.pdf)

2.Mother’s brother’s/sister’s son
(“The Mother’s Brother in South Africa” Revisited Author(s)- Igor Kopytoff.pdf)
(Kinship and Evolved Psychological Dispositions The Mother’s Brother Controversy Reconsidered by Maurice Bloch and Dan Sperber.pdf)
(The Mother’s Brother and the Sister’s Son in West Africa Jack Goody.pdf)

3.assisted reproduction
(Adoption, ART, and a Re-Conception of the Maternal Body- Toward Embodied Maternity in Hypatia Article by Brakman, Sarah-Vaughan; Scholz, Sally J. .pdf)
(Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Culture Change Author(s)- Marcia C. Inhorn and Daphna Birenbaum-Carmeli.pdf)
(assisted_reproduction Janet Carsten,.pdf)

(Kinning- The Creation of Life Trajectories in Transnational Adoptive Families Signe Howell.pdf)

5.Child Rearing
(Demography and Childcare in Preindustrial Societies Author(s)- Barry S. Hewlett.pdf)
(Who keeps children alive? A review of the effects of kin on child survival Rebecca Seara,⁎, Ruth Maceb.pdf)

(Commensality_and_poisoning Maurice Bloch.pdf)
(Gastro-Politics in Hindu South Asia Arjun Appadurai.pdf)
(Sharing Food, Sharing Values- Mothering and Empathy in Murik Society Kathleen Barlow.pdf)

(About the house Levi-Strauss and beyond by Carsten, Janet; Hugh-Jones, Stephen.pdf)
(How We Think They Think by Bloch, Maurice.pdf)
(The Kabyle house or the world reversed’ by Bourdieu.pdf)

8.Kinship beyond the house
(Good Sons and Virtuous Mothers- Kinship and Chinese Nationalism in Taiwan Charles Stafford.pdf)
(Waking the Dragon Visions of the Chinese Imperial State in Local Myth in An Old state in new settings Chapter by Watson, J.L.pdf)