Write a dissertation on the Impact of internet Marketing for Business.

You had written a research proposal in October about the impact of internet marketing for business now with that research proposal you have to write a dissertation on the same topic for 4000 words.

I’ll be attaching the file you had written on the research proposal. With using what you had written in the research proposal now you have to write a dissertation.

For a dissertation involving only Secondary Research:
 Abstract (a brief summary of the entire dissertation – up to 200 words)
 Introduction (or Background)
 Research Question, Research Aim(s) & Objectives
 Research Design & Methodology
 Describe your sources of information and how it will be organised
 Explain the focus of your analysis (for each objective)
 Literature Review
 Explain any relevant theories that you came across and used in your study, and the research context (e.g. the organisation, the country, the product category etc.)
 Discussion & Analysis
 Conclusion & Recommendation
 Limitations & Suggestions for further research

Write in the dissertation in the literature review.

Please use graphs, pie charts etc.