Write Broad versus Narrow of the four Lifespan (1)Infancy (2) Childhood (3) Adolescence and (4) Adulthood

As an internationalized course, there is an emphasis upon broad versus narrow socialization across different parts of the lifespan. As we all share biological factors, the diversity of the human experience is dependent upon socio-cultural factors. Roughly dividing cultures, we can distinguish between two different types; broad versus narrow.
Broad- characterized by loose or absent divisions between male and female roles. Though gender stereotypes do exist and are acknowledged, there is a great deal of latitude with respect to what is considered appropriate for girls/boys, men/women. For example, a man can be a nurse and a woman can be a firefighter (or Army Ranger!). This cultural viewpoint begins before birth and has an indelible impact of growing up and living in such societies.
Narrow- characterized by often rigid highly enforced (through social norms or even judicial prosecution) divisions between male and female roles. The expectations of what each gender should do, how they should act, and the place they have in society is reflective of a long past history and when people step out of those roles, they face negative results. Men are men, they do manly things. The inverse is true for women. Indoctrination begins in infancy and people are locked into such roles for life.
Your project- Dividing the lifespan into four different sections 1) Infancy 2) Childhood 3) Adolescence and 4) Adulthood, we will have presentations on broad versus narrow socialization at each stage. Thus, the class will be divided into eight separate groups with around three to four members per group. Begin thinking about who you would like to be in a group with and which section you would like to cover. They will be assigned on a “first claimed” basis.
Expectations- Using powerpoint and lecture format, each group is expected to detail the specifics associated with being at their assigned stage in the lifespan with respect to broad vs. narrow socialization. Some aspects to be considered could be….what do others expect of you? What is your role in society? What jobs are you expected to perform? What control/power do you have? How do you dress? What legal rights do you have (less of an issue with broad). There are other elements that can be incorporated, so, do not feel limited by what I have listed here. Presentations should be limited to around 10 to 15 minutes. Everyone in the group should contribute equally.